Sunday, November 27, 2005

Landmark day on Gaza-Egypt border

Reuters news agency.
Among the first to cross was wheelchair-bound mother Naimeh Bayah, travelling from Jabaliya refugee camp to Egypt for surgery.
"I am so tired, but happy, because I made the crossing as a human being for the first time," she said.
"I had travelled before and I had to wait hours before getting in."
Limited hours
On Friday an official opening ceremony was attended by Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and foreign officials.
Gaza has no sea port and Israel has not agreed to allow its international airport to re-open, so the Rafah border is Gaza's main gateway.
Israel closed the Rafah crossing on 7 September shortly after withdrawing from Gaza, citing concerns that it would be used to smuggle weapons and militants from Egypt.
The Israelis had opposed the reopening until US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice secured a deal during a visit to the region earlier this month.
Story from BBC NEWS: 2005/11/26 20:16:26 GMT© BBC MMV


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